An Artistic Statement

Mainlight Media Inc has Gordon Teifel for the founding president.  Gordon's passion for photography was discovered during college classwork to become an industrial arts teacher.  The US Army on the job training furthered his camera handling and darkroom skills as a writer and editor for a brigade newspaper and magazine in Viet Nam.

Those lifelong skills are applied to working solutions for the clients of Mainlight Media. 

Mainlight Media Inc was an early adopter of digital photography and digital video when film was the prime media.  But, our history is stored on analog negatives, slides and movie film. Analog and digital video is retained on magnetic tape that may deteriorate from hysteresis loss, wrinkles or delaminating.  Transfering media to archival digital storage may renew the effective lifetime of significant moments.

Restoration of existing artwork is the main event of Mainlight Media.  Great fulfillment is derived from solving unique problems that clients present.  What media do you have that needs the skilled attention of Mainlight Media?

Seattle harbor

Pioneer Square, Portland